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Beauty Reviews and Bargains

by Claire Johnston 15 Dec, 2017



So far all my reviews have been predomintley beauty realted so this month I decided to try a brand new subscription service called Oh knickers ! There are 3 levels of subscription which I will explain. 

1) Every day - For the girl who wants to make every day or that lazy Sunday morning special with two gorgeous pairs of comfortable, stylish knickers every month. 

plus surprise treats! 

£18.50 a month 


2) Night out -Turn day into night and receive a lingerie set each month including bralettes, bras and underwear sets and bodysuits. 

plus surprise treats! 

£29.50 a month 


3) Night in - Celebrate your shape with soft, silky fabrics, lace bras and bralettes that are nearly too dreamy for bed. Receive one lingerie set each month including underwear sets and loungewear 

plus surprise treats! 

£38.50 a month 



After speaking with the Oh knickers team they suggested I try out the every day subscription as I am massively funny with bras and could do with proper scaffolding rather than the stunning lace bralet's they offer on their plans. You fill out a questionnaire where they ask what types of knickers do you prefer anything you do not want and what colour schemes you prefer to stick to. On this questionnaire they also ask what extras you might like in your box I picked beauty, chocolate and skincare. The others options had been things like glass of something, Jewellery or fragrance. 


What did I get in my box?  


I am so funny when it comes to knickers and was concerned that they would come and I would hate what was in the box. The box itself is stunning in a beautiful grey colour with the Oh knickers! Motif tied closed with the most stunning pink ribbon. Before I even opened the box, I could smell something flowery and beautiful. The tissue paper in which it was wrapped was closed with a branded sticker which opened easily without tearing. 

Ok so to the main part I got in my box 2 pairs of beautiful knickers one full black and lacy and the other a stunning teal lace boy shorts type both completely me and something I would wear. I also got a drawer freshener which was where the beautiful smell came from and a nail file. I will admit nail files are not something I ever use but it is quite cute and I'll probably give it to my mum or something. 


If you are looking for something special this really is a great little subscription it is something I would think about maybe getting every couple of months rather than every single month as I would soon run out of room to keep all the fancy pants! . If you decide to go ahead with the subscription please mention to the team that I have sent you as I want them to know how much I am loving what they do !. 

by Claire Johnston 11 Dec, 2017
Most kids make a list for the bigger items so this guide is specfically for those stocking bits and pieces that parents often struggle to find fun and unusual things all items will be £10 and under and suitable for babies up to the teenage years.

Little tots 0-3 years
* Playgro - Wiggling Giraffe - £7.20 -  https://tinyurl.com/ybz3seuv
Perfect like giraffe decoration for the little one in your life fitting hangs from the carseat handle and will keep that tiny tot entertained for ages !.

* Babies my first bath book suitable from birth - £3.49 - buy it -  https://tinyurl.com/ybncnk59
My children all had these as babies and they are perfect for bathtime and playtime you can read them together and they can chomp away to their delight without making it a soggy mess of pages.

* Mummies little christmas pudding jumper - from birth to 6 years - buy it -  https://tinyurl.com/y7mdgb5t
Who doesn't love a christmas jumper? All my kids get a new one each year and wear them with glee these are also warm and stylish!.

*Mothercare My First Christmas Blankie - Suitable from birth - £6 - buy it -  https://tinyurl.com/ybdmnrw7

First christmas items are such lovely keep sakes my children all had little comfort blankets like this and I still have them kept away in a box once they no longer used them. It is the perfect reminder of times past to reminiscent of times past.

Toddler fun and games 3- 5 years

*Magnetic Letters - £9 - buy it -  https://tinyurl.com/y7jocz6h

Perfect for learning new words and letters these letters stick onto the fridge , radiator or even special letters boards fun yet educational.

* Childrens Kaleidoscope - Choice of Designs - £3.95 - buy it :  https://tinyurl.com/ydy5b64v

Let your child seen the world through new eyes. These are so much fun and an exciting stocking filler idea fo https://tinyurl.com/y88zlr2j r those little ones.

* Paw Patrol Zip Lines & Ladders Game - £4 - buy it :  https://tinyurl.com/y8pl3k5l

I don't know many children who don't love a bit of paw patrol fun in their lives my daughter is 6 and still loves them I have the song playing in a constant loop in my head . check out this fun game and at only £4 a right bargain too!.

5 years + fun fillers

Stuff to put a smile on that grumpy teens face !

* Cutie friends sparkling super set Pony - 4pack - £10 buy it -  https://tinyurl.com/y88zlr2j
Perfect for those pony mad kids in your house the entertainer has so many different toys for all age ranges on offer I assure you will find a bargain or 2 go take a peek!. 

* Superhero DC or Marvel Bouncing Ball Heads Stocking Fillers- £9.95 buy it -  https://tinyurl.com/ycadb8op

Both my son and daughter as superhero mad these are perfect for filling their stocking and a whole lot of fun too I wonder who they will get?

* Teaching Watch- Blue or pink - £7 buy it -  https://tinyurl.com/y7dw3ph6

This watch is a perfect way to teach your little one the time they are stylish too coming in both blue or pink so sure to suit all children!.

8 years + fillers for all

* Fun, Rip Cord Helicopter- £6.95 - buy it -  https://tinyurl.com/yaro73p7

My daughter has one of these on her list to santa so versatile and fun she can't wait to take this to the park and see how far she can make her copter fly!

* Nerf Rebelle Codebreaker Crossbow Blaster - £10 -  https://tinyurl.com/y93z4joq

We all love nerf in our house its perfect for us to play together making targets with old washed out cans trying to improve our aims also great for my daughters hand eye co ordination

*Nickelodeon Experimake Sweet Scents and Perfumes - £10 buy it -  https://tinyurl.com/ybf9gdsb

Perfect for those crafty kids out there my daughter loves these type of gifts anything she can get her hands dirty and make a messs she is there with bells on !

Stuff to put a smile on that grumpy teens face !

*Memory Maze - £6.99 - buy it :  https://tinyurl.com/y8duz96j
Perfect pocket sized game for emergencies like power cuts !

*  RICK AND MORTY (QUOTES) - MAXI POSTER - £4.75 - buy it :  https://tinyurl.com/y97qsv3v
My teenage son loves rock and morty so this poster is the perfect filler for his stocking this christmas !

*Joe & Seph's Gourmet Popcorn - £5.99 buy it:  https://tinyurl.com/y8bs9ksv
In many flavours and something for everyone who wouldn't love some sweet posh popcorn sure to put a smile on the grumpiest of teenagers in your life !.

* Glitter Photo Frames- £6.99 for small . £9.99 for large buy it:  https://tinyurl.com/yagvc8qw
Perfect for that selfie loving teen to place pictures of them and their friends stirke that pose !

* Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Lip Kit - £8.99 buy it -  https://tinyurl.com/y84bk36j
My teen love reese's check out this fab lip kit to keep those lips smooth and flake free so that your selfies look fabulous.

I hope that you like my ideas for all age ranges if there is anything else you want to suggest feel free !

by Claire Johnston 10 Dec, 2017
As I said in the gift guide for her I love to find bargains the more i can get for my money the better I belong to cashback sites where I earn cashback on purchases and always keep my eye out for codes , deals and bargains !. This guide will be like the gift guide for her but for that male in your life !.

Under £50 gifts

* Amazon Echo dot £49.99 - buy it :  https://tinyurl.com/y9oyodxw  . I don't know about the males in your life but I know the adult ones in my life and even the teenage one love anything electronic and new they have had their eye on the amazon dot since it first came out I bought this a few weeks ago and have it buried away ready to wrap and present on christmas morning.

*Diesel Only The Brave Eau de Toilette 50ml gift set £33 reduced from £44 - buy it :  https://tinyurl.com/y8xys45p
My husband never thinks about buying himself aftershave he seems to think that the fairies magically replace his bottles with full ones so I use this to my advantage and this is an easy gift when I am struggling to think of something new and unique boots have fantastic deals on fragranaces and what is even better their advantage card means that you can collect points and spoil yourself as well that's a win win in my book !.
* Star Wars Jedi Adult Fleece Bathrobe (One Size) - £22.99 - buy it :  https://tinyurl.com/y8o8xqod
My son is a massive star wars fan and no longer fiting into that child category so all things are adult sized I have got him this dressing gown so he too can be a jedi master and flit around the house like the massive eejit he is. I want one of those is a fab website that has so many different funny ideas for stocking fillers to secret santas it has all you need quick delivery too and fab customer service.

* IWOOT Mystery Gift Box - For Him - £22.99 (or 2 for £35) - Buy it :  https://tinyurl.com/ydz4cxow
Want to leave your gift choices up to the fab team at Iwoot check out these fab mystery boxes each with a minimum value of £50 and containing a minimum of 5 items who wouldn't love to recieve this I know I would be over the moon if the unicorn one magically appeared at my door.

Under £20 gifts

TGI Friday's Steak Board & Rubs - £16.50 buy it

Both my husband and dad think they are jamie oliver crossed with gordon ramsay when it comes to cooking in the kitchen boots do the best foodie style gifts this steak board and rub will make certain you get cook a delightful meal so its more of a dual gift because you get treat as well ! I love boots christmas gift sets they are normally part of the 3 for 2 gifting options so you can either get 2 gifts for him and a freebie treat for you for all that hard work shopping or get all 3 gifts for other people but whatever way you do it you are saving yourself some money with the added bonus of the advantage points again !.

SCI-FI 3 T-SHIRT SWAGBOX - £12.00 - buy it :  https://tinyurl.com/y8yah4t2
 Hands up who has a geek living in their house I have 3 ! they all love their sci fi , star wards and super heros and all the stuff that goes along with it loud box has the boxes and t-shirts for you at an absolute steal too !. I got my son the star wars box last week delivery took 24hours and the t-shirt quality are fab he loves them !.

* Scratch The World® Black Map Print With Coin - £17.95 - buy it -  https://tinyurl.com/y9uqa2tt
Do you have a traveller who you need to buy a gift for check out this fab scratch the world map you scratch of the places you visit and it is lovely reminder what you have done and where you have been and not forgetting where you still want to travel. I love not on the high street as a website as it is pretty amazing normally smaller brands and makers making the most stunningly beautiful things!.

 Stocking fillers £10 and under

 * Personalised 'I Make Xxx Disappear' Coaster - £4.95 buy it :  https://tinyurl.com/y98rnzwz
Personalise this coaster with whichever drink is their favourite even a good old cuppa perfect at under a fiver and could even work as a secret santa present too!

* Creighton's Custard Cream Chocolate Bar - £5.50 - buy it :  https://tinyurl.com/ya4b56u5
Every stocking needs a sweet treat or 2 (maybe 5 dependant on the sweet tooth) My dad is a massive custard cream fan i love the idea of this chocolate as it is much more special than getting a packet of tesco value custard creams in your stocking (not than I am not partial to the custard creams with a cuppa myself) its a great sized bar and another fabulous bargain treat from not on the high street.

*Christmas Jingle Bell Beard Bow Tattoo Rockabilly - £6 - buy it :  https://tinyurl.com/yadj6mdk
Do you have a beard lover in your life? check out these beautiful beard bows from the extremley talented sam mercer all items are hand made and she has a stall weekly at st georges market in belfast as well as her online store. Her instagram is worth a follow as any deals bargains and competitions are a regular within her little squares don't forget to tell her I sent you !.

* Salt and Vinegar Crickets Crispy Critters - £4.99 - buy it :  https://preview.tinyurl.com/ybnkqt6k
Got an i'm a celebrity get me out of here fan in your life check out these bad boys and star in your very own bush tucker trial at home over christmas who will be brave enough to try and who will be living on rice and beans that night I love the idea of shocking my brother with these his face would be priceless!.

I hope you have liked my selection of gifts for all price ranges I will be doing a gift guide for children tomorrow so if you have anything in particular you would like to see please leave me a message.

  Claire xx

by Claire Johnston 09 Dec, 2017

My name Beautyreviewsandbargains comes from my love of beauty but also bargain hunting I love offers deals and shopping about I will always find a way to get more bang for my buck. This is a little guide to find some of the best deals and offers around I hope it helps !

Under £30 and under

* Soap & Glory Spa of Wonder was £60 now £30 This is boots most coveted gift each and every year people wait and grab this with Glee myself included soap and glory make the best gift sets at the most affordable prices. Buy it : https://tinyurl.com/y7h6uen6

* Soap and glory Hello super spa £20 this is another firm fav for gifting in my home beautiful little set with some of the nicest pamper products soap and glory do whats even better all soap and glory sets are on offer for 3 for 2 at boots saving you even more money and earning yourself points to treat yourself too! Buy it : https://tinyurl.com/ybhs9vjk

* Justmylook is another fab site with some amazing bargains their customer service is amazing and fast delivery too ! Check out this fab set from clinique only £14.95

Clinique Chubby Lash Makeup Gift Set Buy it : https://tinyurl.com/ybmppeoe

* Bomb Cosmetics make the cutest little bathtime sets full of bombs soaps and all things pamper this amazing little set is only £10.95 ! super cute too hint to santa I wouldnt mind finding this under my tree buy it: https://tinyurl.com/y9qgy6dw

* Kitenest is another company I love I have mentioned them on my Blog before they do the most amazing little gift sets all natural ingriedients full of the good things and none of the bad whats even better they are a small UK company supporting small is amazing when you support a small business you are helping someone just like you ! This set is something I have put on my birthday list for the new year HIMALAYAN SALT SCRUB, BODY BUTTER & LIP BALM SET you choose the scents you want yourself but my fav right now is the clove and lime one of my collegues even tried to pinch my balm in work it is that good ! Buy it : https://tinyurl.com/ybbo6ud8

* Another firm favourite of mine is makeup bags and headscarves Bysammercer does the most stunning of each I do not know anyone who wouldn't be happy to find one of her creations under their tree ! Buy it :  https://tinyurl.com/y8qxg9yb  

Stocking fillers £5 and under !

I love the onlinepoundshop perfect for those tiny little bits to fill up a stocking at a fraction of the price !

* Hershey candy cane £1 buy it : https://tinyurl.com/y8wjfpoc

* Maybelline color elixer these come in a few colours and at only £1 you can add a few maybelline do some great lip products buy it : https://tinyurl.com/yaxaeqzp

* Clearasil U.S.A perfectawash automatic face wash dispenser+ 2 free refills only a tiny £2 I would love to find this in my stocking ! Buy it : https://tinyurl.com/y7zw7ypd

* a pair of funk flip flops only £1 ! perfect for putting on to run out to the bins and not ruin your lovely comfy slippers ! Buy it : https://tinyurl.com/yd6kok8c

* Soap & Glory Pink Me Up £5 Buy it : https://tinyurl.com/yc6w8bw2

* Sanctuary Must Have Mist £3 Buy it : https://tinyurl.com/yaz7sbo5

* So…? Kiss Me Perfect Duo Eau de Toilette Gift Set £5 Buy it : https://tinyurl.com/yd7l7oal

As you can tell above you can get so many great bargains and deals out there if there is anything in particular you are looking for and want to find a bargain feel free to ask me many of my friends already do as I love being able to find a bargain or 2 for me too .

by Claire Johnston 08 Dec, 2017

This is my very first RoccaBox I paid £8.95 due to a black friday offer the normal monthly price is £13.95.

What was in my box?

* Ardel Lashes – An exclusive for Roccabox as curated for this special box : rrp : £4.49 (going by other Ardel lashes on their website)

What can I say about these I am not an eyelashes fan my heart sinks when I get them in a box as I know I will never use them and give them to my sister instead. I am one of the lucky people with thick long lashes they are just blonde and need a bit of colour.

* Deep Cleansing mask Omorovicza 5ml : rrp £60 for 50ml (worth £6 for the 5ml sample)

buy it : https://tinyurl.com/y9nedthu

I have got 2 uses out of this sample by being sparing in the application it is amazing not sure it is something I would spend £60 on though as I have used cheaper mud masks before which have felt similar but lovely to try something you normally would not spend money on!. It is also lovely to receive something unusual as everyone is sheet mask crazy right now myself included but you then forget how lovely your skin does feel after a really good deep cleansing mud mask.

* Pureology strength cure shampoo and conditioner travel saize samples of 50ml each rrp : £21.99 for a set of both 250ml products (worth £4.39 for the pair) buy it: https://tinyurl.com/y785q4ot

I have recvieved a few travel sized shampoo and conditionsters in Novembers boxes and I kinda like it I am happy for the most part they have been sulphate free and I love trying new shampoos and conditioners as I do find that sometimes my hair starts to hate my current ones and this is a cheaper way of finding new products to love. Plus I find the travel sizes of 50ml products great for weekend trips away as lets be honest you rarely like the ones in the hotel!.

* Murad AHA/BHA Exfolating cleanser 30ml rrp : £35 for 200ml (worth £5.25 for the 30ml sample) buy it https://www.murad.co.uk/aha-bha-exfoliating-cleanser/

The infotmation about the cleanser states that it contains a triad of skin perfecting acids salicylic , lactic and Glycolic. It has no smell which I like with skincare products and it has tiny beads for exfolation but they feel more like grains of salt rather than the other sort of grains which are normally very harsh on your skin. I do like this cleanser but I don’t think I would spend £35 on a full sized tube as I currently use one the 3rd of the price by a smaller independent company my review is on my page about that too,

Total worth of contents of box - £20.13

What are my thoughts on the box?

I did like the products in the box but was a little disappointed that nothing really wowed me there was nothing unusual or different in the box and nothing that makes me want to rush out to buy the full sized products. As I said above I do hate lashes being put into boxes they are a very personal thing and you either love lashes or hate them there really seems to be no inbetween ground but at least my sister will use them. I don’t think I will continue with this box but I maybe would re-subscribe in a few months too see if anything changes.

by Claire Johnston 29 Nov, 2017

This is my second month of receiveing little known box I had originally planned in only subscribing to one box reviewing then cancelling but I was so impressed by the whole concept I decided to stay a subscriber. Cost of the box is slightly higher than some of the other boxes but when you see the detailing and thought put into it you really don’t mind!. I paid £18.70 for this box as I said more expensive than others but wait until you see what is inside !

What is in the box?

* 1. Acure Organis – Facial scrub travel size 30ml (rrp £15.50 for the larger 118ml ) buy it https://tinyurl.com/y8j9bvts

The information leaflet states acure brings you natural exfolation from the ocean , a combination of organis sea kelp and lemon peel gently exfoliate the skin. The french green clay helps to remove excess oil without removing the skins natural moisture.

Acure organics is a family owned and operated company with sustainable principles and affordable pricing. All products are created using plant and food based natural and organic ingrienients and pure essential oils. Each product is vegan friendly and free from parabens , sulphates, phthalates , harmful perservatives and artificial colours.

* 2. L’Océan – Caviar – Rich lifting eye Serum 15ml (on the leaflet it says the rrp is £35 for 15ml when I googled as I always like to check myself I did find it for sale in the uk for £2 with a rrp of £7.99 )I am going to place both links in here so that you can see this for yourself.

£35 link - https://preview.tinyurl.com/35link

£2 link - https://tinyurl.com/yc6fsetv

I do not mind at all cheaper products being included it is also a full sized product is has no scent which for an eye cream I prefer and I did try some on straight away my bags at the minute are quite big and dark due to medications and my disability causing me some issues. After I applied the serum my eyes defintley feel less dehydrated and tired so I will continue to use this product with interest!.

(3&4 are a shampoo and conditioner so I will put them together)

* Monu spa Shampoo and conditioner travel size interestingly the leaflet says 30ml but the bottles both say 40ml (rrp 180ml £14.95 so £4.50 each for travel sizes ) - buy it – http://www.monushop.co.uk/

the leaflet has this to say about MONU – they create professional products , forumlated in the uk without the use of damaging chemicals , artificial perfumes or synthetic colourings. We love that Monu products are forumalted using natural ingriedents ; plants and herbs , minerals and essential oils.

Both Shampoo and conditioner are suitable for all hair types sls and paraben free. The shampoo contains a refreshing lemon , grapefruit , orange and madarin essintal oils it smells very citrusy I opened the bootle to take a whiff while writing this it really does smell gorgeous and reminds me of hot orange on a winters day. The conditioner smells nice too not as strong in scent of the shampoo which I think is so much better but it has a lovely thick consistency and smells more of jojoba oil than anything else (I love the smell of jojoba though so its a win for me). I love that these are made using natural ingrients as I get older the more I am trying to refrain from the more chemically made things and trying to use more natural locally sourced products.

* 5. ezape naturals – Rosemary Body Butter (10ml rrp £1.50) buy it - https://ezapenaturals.co.uk/products/sample-pack

What the leaflet says about Ezape Naturals – It is a UK brand run by its founder Vanessa , creating green skincare products. Ezape Naturals produts are packed with certified organic, nutrient rich , unrefined and cold-pressed ingriedients. The range can be used for all skin types.

I tried this while sitting typing on my elbows they are feeling pretty dry due to the use of the heating increasing with the weather turning colder the smell is stunning I love rosemary it reminds me of a sunday roast all cozy and warm. The cream is thick but spreadable and easy to rub in , I immediatley found my elbows lot less dry but not greasy like some creams tend to make them. I will definitely be taking a look further into the brand !.

* 6. (Bonus Item) Laid bare Eye cream sample sachet – (rrp £7.99 30ml) – Buy it https://tinyurl.com/ybspppvm

Laidbare is a fun , affordable and accessible British Brand, offering real value combined with truly natural ingriedients. Laidbare pride themseleves that 97-100% of their ingrients come from natural sources. This eye cream is said to lighten and tighten with buckwheat wax and green tea will help you get rid of puffy sleepy eyes. I have not yet tried this as currently have the other eye cream on but will try this tomorrow morning and who knows if I love it buy it !.

The Value of this months box £22.39(I used the other rrp of £7.99 I found on several sites for the caviar eye serum)

My thoughts on this months Little-Known Box?

This months box didn’t wow me as much as last months that isn’t to say that I don’t like it that is far from the truth. Everything in the box I will use unlike this months Birchbox. The products are all of a superb quality I love that they are on the main full of natural ingriedients I love the information given with each product on the information sheet and I am looking forward to looking more into a couple of the brands namely – Ezape Naturals and Acure. I do find the price discrepancy of the L’Océan – Eye serum really strange though I have no issue with anyone putting in unkown lower priced products but feel maybe the company which has supplied the serum to Little-Known box may have been untruthful with their pricings but I did look on more than one site and found on the whole it is for sale for little over £2. I think I will be contiuining with the box as it has been the one I look forward to the most Last month for example I found the most wonderful brand of lip balms Kitenest and other skincare products which I have since made a further purchase and hope to order some more of their stuff soon and do a review just on their products alone. ( https://kitenest.co.uk/ )

by Claire Johnston 28 Nov, 2017

So this month I have already done posts on both Pink parcel and Glossybox now it is the time for BirchBox I used to be a regular subscriber but stopped when I started to receive more samples and repeats so lets see if my feelings have changed ! I got this box at a discounted price as a resubscriber of £7.95.

What is in the Novmber box?

This month BirchBox is a themed box with Vogue magazine the informtion leaflet says they have teamed up with vogue and they have selected the items in the box from the Vogue 100 Beauty Hall of Fame.

So what is in this months box?

* The first thing I see is a red postcard for 6 free issues of Vogue magazine either in print or ipad/iphone edition I was quite pleased with this until I noticed it can only be redeemed against a year or 2 year subscription I actually think I would prefer one completley free copy so that I can decide if I want to part with my hard earned cash

* Klorane – Dry shampoo with oatmilk 50ml. (Rrp for 150ml £8) buy it here : https://tinyurl.com/y8az782z

I have just tried this out and it does leave your hair looking grease free without that sticky feeling you get with some dry shampoos so I think I might buy this again perfect for those mornings when time is not on my side !.

* Percy & Reed – Smoothed , sealed and sensational volumising no oil oil 30ml (rrp for 60ml £14) buy it here : https://tinyurl.com/y7j6ymwg

I havent tried this yet but I already have another bottle upstairs both from previous subscriptions boxes I am quite disappointed in this as I have really thick hair so don’t need anymore volume than I already have I spend quite a lot of time trying to tame it !.

* Benefit Hoola sample - buy it : https://tinyurl.com/y8d2a2me

There is no sizing on this and the only sample one I can compare it to is slightly bigger and comes in a box with a little brush (which I have gotten in a previous subscription box)

* Nuxe – multi purpose dry oil 10ml. ( rrp £17.00 for 50ml ) buy it: https://tinyurl.com/y7tpvyhp

This again is something I have received in another subscriptpion box at some point when I took this out of the box the lid was loose and I ended up spilling some on my bedding

* Birchbox Brush cleaner – (rrp £5) buy It here : https://tinyurl.com/yc4lsk4e

This is something I will just give to a friend or soemthing I have a stylepro brush cleaner already and if you have read my blog I use a less time consuming way to wash my brushes.

       Total of whats in the box £18.06 without the hoola sample as I really couldn't find a proper comparison that was not on ebay.

So what do I think?

I am massively underwhelmed with my box I had high hopes as it was pushed so much being Vogue themed it’s no different than many other boxes I have received and nearly all of the products I have received with other boxes. All of the items bar the brush cleaner are samples I do like when boxes always include at least one full sized item but that is not the case here. I really think I will be cancelling my subscription again as it really hasn’t done it for me. I would rather pay a little more for one of the other boxes I have subscribed to and get new exciting things to try. The reason I love subscription boxes so much is trying new brands not getting the same things time and time again. I really think Birchbox could have done so much with this theme to make it great but this reminds me of the years must have kids toy often all hype and no substance.

My score 5/10 _ ok but not exciting enough to keep me wanting to subscribe.

by Claire Johnston 25 Nov, 2017
Do you hate washing your make-up brushes? Would you like to learn my 20 minute hack with hardly any effort?

*Step 1- get your brushes and place them into a pillow cases i throw in my benders too.

*Step 2 - squirt some @realtechniques  brush cleaner inside with the brushes.

*Step 3 - tie a couple of knots into the pillow case as tight as you possibly can.

*Step 4 - place the filled pillow case into the washing machine and close the door.

*  Step 5 - turn the temerpature down to the lowest temperature and put it on the quickest cycle my machine has a 15 minute quick cycle.

When the wash is done the brushes are only slightly damp and will be ready for using in the morning!
by Claire Johnston 25 Nov, 2017
I first saw this on a facebook group to which I belong I didn't think it would work but wanted the mac lipstick in Russian red anyway so thought I would give it a go first of all join up using  https://www.topcashback.co.uk/ref/member1154765578135  which will also get you a free £5 amazon voucher. Then in the search bar search mac and follow the instructions to order the lipstick of your choosing sooooo many colours to select from. This is a new joiner offer only after an hour it will show in your pending balance !. it really is that easy ! 
by Claire Johnston 24 Nov, 2017

This is my first Glossy box I decided to give this a try after seeing a post on instagram.

I got this box at a reduced rate of £9.25 because I was a first time subscriber you can grab it : https://www.glossybox.co.uk/referrals.list?applyCode=CLAIRE-RLE&li normal monthly cost £13.25.

So what is in this months box?

* Beauty cosmetics - contour / powder brush rrp : £6.99 buy it – beautyuk-cosmetics.com

* SportFX – Candy Floss moisturising lip balm rrp : £4.99 buy it – sportfx.com

This lip balm is candy floss in flavour ( it smells so good !) it leaves a sheer wash of colour when used infused with spf15 with lots of vitamins and antioxidants to help soften and soothe dry lips perfect for getting them lipstick ready for the party season.

* Collection costmetics Define & perfect eyebrow powder in blonde rrp : £4.19 buy it – collectioncosmetics.com

This powder is great for filling in sparse areas of your brows without the harshness of using a pencil it contains fibre like particals to add volume and the applicator is thin so that you dont end up overdoing it unfortunatley colourwise even the blonde is too dark for me.

* Boots Charcoal and willow bark sheet mask : rrp : £2.50 buy i t – boots.com

This mask contains willow bark and charcoal to purify. Like all masks you place this on cleansed skin for 15 minutes perfect for relaxing after the 15 minutes pat the rest of the serum into your skin leaving it plumper and less dull also perfect for getting you ready for the party season.

* Greenfrog botanic nautral Geranium & peppermint bodywash rrp : £8.95 buy it – greenfrogbotanic.co.uk

This is a plant based body wash which smells so good it also includes Ayurvedic from the himalayas making this body wash suitable for nearly all skin types even skins with eczema or dry senstive skin are said to benefit from the organic mexican aloe vera which is meant to hydrate and soothe.

Total cost of products - £27.62

What do I think?

If you have looked at other posts on my blog you will see that I have subscribed to other boxes I think this one is ok it doesnt wow me like the pink parcel did for example. The products you get are stuff I will mostly use but I think value wise it isnt the greatest box I subscribe to. None of the products have really grabbed my attention and made me think YES!. For example I am very fair and the blonde collection eyebrow power is still to dark for my fair brows. The body wash does smell lovely and I am looking forward to using the sheet mask as it is something I really love. Even the brush isn’t something I would normally buy shape wise but I will certainly give it a good home!.

Will I continue with the subscrption? I am not too sure yet I may give it another month incase next months box is the hold grail of subscrption boxes.

My score - 6/10

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